2019 Award Recipients

Bronze Medals

The Effects of Temperature on Plants

Ryan Atlas

Michael Abray

The Universal Cure

Aschwin Shiretharan

Polluted Players

Ethan Rashid-Cocker

The Beauty of Branding

Lachlan Abbott

The Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony

Ann Aziz

Maria Yiannacouras

Bacteria and the Heat

Shaya Farahmand

Does chewing gum and listening to music affect concentration

Emma Faria

Fire-Fighter Robot

Zarar Imtiaz

Safwan Sabbir

Smart Stop Sign

Jeffery Hu

Nurbol Belyal

Pump It Up

Emerson McQueen

Evan Adams

Think Outside The Box

Angelica Suratio

Jan Humarang

Carbon Dioxide Production in Yeast

Gillian Coombs

Abigail Stewart

Why Not Negative?

Jonathan Finer

Ugly Apples: Preventing Enzymatic Oxidation in Apples

Alishay Khawaja

How can different sweeteners impact the growth of yeast?

Jonah Schwartz

Marc Masgoret

Bacteriophages VS. Superbugs - The Rise and Fall of the Antibiotic Era

Vincent Chen

Aaron Tang

Cold Cooking?

Irina Khan

A Clean Contest: Testing the Effectiveness of Various Household Cleaners

Ben Panet

Modifying Magnetic Might

Janani Sree Gurram

Nanjiba Rakib

The Changing Fear Within Us

Winson Wang

Chantal Sy

Antibiotic Susceptibility of Bacteria in a High School

Aung Khant Min

Jinhao Xie

How much electricity can coke and mentos produce and how many reactions will it take to power everyday items. Fuelling your sweet tooth.

Sean Smolej

Lucas Ribeiro

The relationship between auditory and visual

Ivy Fok

Yuliia Hrytskiv

Radiation all around us

Estelle Scott

Biotechnology in Agriculture: Science Cooking Our Food.

Brandon Lau

Stop Drop and Roll

Rui Li

Saagar Racharla

Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Cellular Respiration in Plants

Colin Heron

Thaneeshan Kethese

The Relationship Between the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and the Rate of Growth of Pea Plant

Sejal Chirmade

Rindha Danda

A Contemporary Cure for HIV using Viral Vectors

Gerd Bizi

Matthew Martin

Investigation of Muscle-based Alternatives for Joint Control

Michael Done

Experimenting With MicroPlastic Producing Landry Detergents

Chiara Hayes Marassi

Verisimilitude of Vibrations

Ethan Taylor

Irina Babayan

Forget Me Not! Treating Alzheimer's Using Protein Nanoparticles

Vesta Parsaei

Saghar Mazarei