2019 Award Recipients

Gold Medals

Cumulative effect of hand-sanitizer on home and school acquired bacterial contamination

Sophia Khoury

Can the Human Body be a Source of Electricity?

Rose Moosavian

Adam Bizios

Can cotton textiles be used to clean up oil spills?

Kiera Hui

Brushless Motor Design

Ahsen Khan

Peripheral Vision

Karina Wilson

Environmentally Friendly Oil Spill Cleaner

Seeron Sivashankar

Rethink that Drink!

Teddy Porfiris

Performant GPU Path Tracing

Ethan Breit

My Plants

Mark Schawill

Time To Switch To Switchgrass? An Analysis Of The Absorptive Capacity And Moisture Loss Rate Of Livestock Bedding

Abby Mattina

Text to Braille: The Easy Way

Efe Tascioglu

Improved On-Field Concussion Screening Using Ocular Function

Bryce Warren

An Interpretation of Life Through Vibration Motors

Manning Whitby


Yongyin(Alina) Lu

Xin Tong

Smart Blind Spot Detection for Cyclists

Matei Gardea