2019 Award Recipients

Silver Medals

Ocean Acidification

Gabrielle Walji

Association of Severe Malaria With Blood Groups

Vaishna Sutharman

La radiation et les plantes

Zachary Javed

Jade Thomas

Rubrics Cubed3

Nikolas Vlachos

Linear Motor Train using Micropython

Ken Shibata

Chew On This!

Mrunali Karkhanis

Does Music Affect Your Logical Thinking?

Vanessa Field

Ezra Sereny

Nanotechnology in Medicine

Oviya Sathiyanarayanan

A NEW VERSUS OLD UNHEALTHY HABIT: Is Vaping a Healthy Alternative to Smoking?

Matteo De Francesca

How Varying Current Affects the Strength of an Electromagnet

Gregory Tong


Shifa Syed

Shoes that light up?

Ameena Khan

Fatima Mansoor

Curvy Corrections

Sydney Murray

Swinging to Stability: How multiple pendulum system can isolate vibrations and help in detecting Gravitational Waves

Artash Nath

How do kidneys filter blood?

Tala Walji

Wearable Wake-Up

Ella Grewal

How Much Bacteria Is In Our School?!

Olivia Iglesias

Maja Lambeck

Mitigating ocean pollution by filtering our runaway fibers

Eunice Pu

Thisandi Pathiranage

Dopamine Trials Can You Get Addicted Your First Time?

Yasmine Ghalayini

Can Different Colours Help Plants Grow?

Angel Rivera

Pavinaa Sivasubramaniam

Haters Gonna Hate

Alex Waese-Perlman

Can you see through walls?

Jamie Easterbrook

The effects of soil polution on plants

Camron Sabahi

What Is The Most Effective Technique To Control Oral Bacteria?

Stephanie Staibano

Repurposing Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs to Personalize Breast Cancer Treatment

Richard Cheng

Arif Aulakh

NavAssistAI - Navigation with Object Detection Artificial Intelligence

Aidan Farrow

Mikhail Szugalew

An investigation of the effect of the ketogenic diet on glutamate and GABA concentrations in ASD patients

Sophie Krokhine

Have you heard? Earbuds and headphones owned by high school students contain detectable quantities of bacteria

Raymond Li

Joshua Ye