2021 Award Recipients

CWSF 2021 - Team Toronto Winners

Special Awards

Intermediate: Actuarial Foundation of Canada Award - $750 and a certificate

"The Silence of Canadian Cities: Seismic Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns"

Artash Nath

York University STEM Entrepreneur Bootcamp Scholarship Award - A week long program in August 2021

"Rapid Detection of Concussions"

Andrew Mao

Bronze Medals

"Cracking the Radiation Code"

Peter Alexis and Adrian Mak

"Wor-Ease Away: Reassuring Parents by aiding in the identification of childhood viral rashes"

Analiese Hall and Andrew Muratov

"Emotion Detection Completed by Artificial Intelligence"

Angad Khattra

"The Properties of Facemasks"

Ken Shibata

"Ocean Acidification and Buffers:  A Homemade Solution"

Mazin Al-Ani and Adam Taback

"Rapid Detection of Concussions"

Andrew Mao

"A Hands-free Neural Network Telesurgery Robot"

Andrew Pun

Silver Medals

"Drink Healthy with Less Bacteria"

Nicholas Cheng and Daniel Guan

"Real Time Conversion of American Sign Language to Speech"

Sannjay Karthikeyan

"Machine Learning Mars Rover"

Ahsen Khan

"The Relationship between Sea Surface Temperature and Phytoplankton abundance"

Julie Sieg

"Text to Braille"

Efe Tascioglu

Gold Medal

"The Silence of Canadian Cities"

Artash Nath