While the resources listed below were prepared for in-person science fairs, some of the information is still relevant for students preparing virtual projects. Particularly useful may be the information about developing the idea and beginning the project.

Teacher's Guide Presentations: These are presentations to prepare teachers in organizing local science fairs and in supporting the students with their projects for the Toronto Science Fair.

Youth Science Foundation: Smarter Science is part of Youth Science Canada's program for engaging youth in science and providing a curricular connection to project-based science and science fairs. This site provides many excellent links for all ages that can help your child plan, carry out and present a successful Science Fair project.

Science Fair Central from Discovery Education offers free resources ranging from getting started to presenting final projects. There is also a very good guide for parents.

A Student/Teacher Guide to the virtual science fair will be available on ProjectBoard.

In the meantime, students should review the type of projects posted on the YSC on-line science fair last May. ProjectBoard for 2021 will be similar to what was posted last spring. Click on the “National” tab at:

In addition, the following e-book contains many tips on how to teach effectively in an on-line world. Chapter 15 in particular focuses on inquiry-oriented science projects.

Ayyavoo, G. & Accettone, S., (2020). Online Inquiry-Based Science Projects for Grades 3 to 12. In Thriving in an Online World – For Busy K-12 Educators. Creative Commons Attribution - 4.0 International License.