Rules and Regulations

Who Can Participate?

Participants must live in the City of Toronto or attend and represent a school in the City of Toronto. (with postal codes beginning with the letter ‘M’. Students living outside Toronto should contact their local regional science fair organization.

For Grades 7-12 projects

  1. Maximum of two students per project. A project that has been the work of more than two students will be disqualified.

  2. The project shall be entered in the division of the oldest member of the group.

School Quotas

The Toronto Science Fair hopes that as many students as possible will be able to participate in the virtual fair this year. There will be no school quotas for the 2022 Science Fair.


As there will be no physical display of materials, safety regulations regarding what can be displayed do not apply this year.

Students are encouraged to consult their teachers about safe practices while conducting experiments and scientific investigations.

Students are expected to follow all current COVID regulations while developing and exhibiting their projects.


If you are working with animals or using human subjects in any way, rules regarding ethics do apply. See the detailed information in the section on Ethics. Students working with live subjects will need to upload the appropriate forms as part of their registration in the virtual Toronto Science Fair.