Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshop Video List

Welcome to the 2022 virtual Toronto Science Fair. As your projects are being judged this weekend, we invite you to continue to grow your scientific curiosity and understanding by exploring the list of video workshops below. You may participate in as many or as few workshops that interest you! These workshops range in various lengths and cover a wide range of topics. Some videos are educational, some have challenges embedded within them, and others allow you to follow along at home so you can create and celebrate all that is science this week!

1. Virtual Laser Workshop (Video)

Presented by: Soheil Ghoreyshi, Centennial College

Laser light has many applications in our normal life from industry to healthcare. In the current pandemic situation students might have had only a little chance to explore the working mechanism of laser devices practically. This workshop is simply demonstrating the Laser design procedure with the help of software.

Length: 18:49 min

2. How to Build a Bee Condo (Video)

Provided by: Shadi Dahlili, and Let’s Talk Science, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)

Learn how to use simple materials to make a home for bees in your backyard. Help make life easier for these important pollinators.

Length: 7:01 min

3. Build a Model and Learn How the Digestive System Works. (Video)

Provided by: Shadi Dahili and Let’s Talk Science, UTSC

Do you understand what goes on in your digestive system? Find out about the secret life of your gut and build a model at the same time.

Length: 7:01 min

4. UTSC Chemistry Lab – Grignard Reaction (Video)

Presented by: Lana Mikhaylichenko, UTSC

Do you know how to synthesize organic anions? You would if you were taking Second Year Organic Chemistry at UTSC. Take a peek into a state-of-the-art Chem Lab at UTSC and watch as this complicated procedure is skillfully performed. Perhaps it will be you one day in a university lab synthesizing anions to add to other organic compounds with partially positive carbon to get different derivatives. Your friends will be amazed.

Length: 8:02 min

5. Adaptations - Fighting Beaks and Wings (Video)

Provided by: Shadi Dahili and Let’s Talk Science, UTSC

Learn how different types of beaks and wings enable birds to adapt to different environments. Organize a beaks-in-action simulation game for yourself and a friend.

Length: 9:41 min

6. Build A Balloon Hoverboard (Video)

Provided by: Shadi Dahili and Let’s Talk Science, UTSC

Learn how to overcome friction and make your very own toy hoverboard using simple materials.

Length: 6:15 min

  1. Extracting DNA from a Banana (Video)

Provided by: Shadi Dahili and Let’s Talk Science, UTSC

Learn about DNA and get instructions for extracting it yourself from a banana – Provided by Shadi Dahali and Let’s Talk Science, UTSC

Length: 6:00 min

  1. Invisible Glove: A Novel Biodegradable Antimicrobial Invisible Glove (Video)

Presented by: Prof. Siyam Subair and research assistants at Centennial College, Applied Biology and Environmental Science, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

Get an inside look at a research project in action. Learn about the drawbacks of current methods for preventing transfer of germs from hands into the body. Visit the Centennial College lab and see the progress researchers are making into the development of an invisible glove to protect us.

Length: 14:21 min

  1. Capstone Project Winter 2022: A Novel Sunscreen Formulation Using Moringa Oleifera Extract and Zinc Oxide (Video)

Presented by: Jashapreet Kaur and Justine Ann Jacbang, students in Prof. Siyan Subair’s classes – Centennial College, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

Visit a lab at Centennial College and take a look at the work done by students. In a Capstone project, like a Science Fair project, students report on a scientific investigation they designed and carried out. Learn how these students worked to develop a better sunscreen and see what they discovered.

Length: 6:05 min

  1. Capstone Project Fall 2021: Testing the Antimicrobial Efficiency and Durability of cloth and surgical masks in wet and dry conditions. (Video)

Presented by: Ashi Jaiswal and Arth Parikh, students in Prof. Siyan Subair’s classes – Centennial College, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

See how college students design and conduct science investigations into real world problems. These days there are many face masks to choose from and everyone is looking for the one that provides the best protection. Watch this video to get an answer that has some scientific proof to back it up.

Length: 10:12 min

  1. Capstone Project Fall 2021: Enumeration, Isolation and Identification of bacteria present in Mozzarella Cheese (Video)

Presented by: Leslie Yang and Sumam Sara Sunil, students in Prof. Subair’s class – Centennial College, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

Are you interested in microbiology? Learn how to design an experiment in this area and how to work safely with bacteria. Find out what these students concluded about the safety of cheese for human consumption.

Length: 10:19 min

  1. Capstone Project Fall 2021: Evaluation of Antimicrobial Effectiveness of UVC LED on Non-porous surfaces (Video)

Presented by: Presented by Monira Pervin and Deepthi Babu, Students at Centennial College, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

Can light remove bacteria and viruses from surfaces like food packaging? Study this project which experimented with Ultraviolet LED lights to see what effect they would have. This could be an important way to keep our food safe to eat.

Length: 9:45 min

  1. Reflections on Life at University as a Science Student (Video)

Presented by: Presented by Manning Whitby, University of Ottawa student, Platinum Award Winner at CWSF 2019

Are you heading off to university in the next year or so? In this talk Manning Whitby reflects on his recent experiences with science fair projects, being part of a start up company that grew out of a science project and his experiences in his first two years at university. His advice about how to get the most out of your university experience is something that you will not want to miss.

Length: 12:29 min