2022 Award Recipients

2022 CWSF Winners

Strengthening Planetary Defense: Detecting Unknown Asteroids Using Open Data, Math and Python

Arushi Nath

Junior Category • Ecole Secondaire Toronto Ouest

  • Best Project Award – Innovation

  • Excellence in Astronomy Award

  • Junior Challenge Award – Curiosity and Ingenuity

  • Youth Can Innovate Award

  • Gold Medal

The Hidden Side of your Dog’s Love

Audrey Cowen

Junior Category • Queen Alexandra Middle School

  • Platinum Award – Best Project Discovery

  • Youth Can innovate Award

  • Gold Medal

AI Object Location Recognition Software for the Blind

Archie Shou and Edwin Wang

Intermediate CategoryUniversity of Toronto Schools

  • Silver Medal

  • Youth Can Innovate Award

  • York University STEM Entrepreneur Experience Scholarship Award

Do Masks mask your emotions? AI Emotion Recognition in the Era of Face Masks

Caroline Chan

Junior CategoryZion Heights Middle School

Gold Medal

A Need for Speed: Enhancing Fi Race Cars with Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning

Ken Cheng

Intermediate CategoryThe Crescent School

Gold Medal

Analyzing Treatment-Related Symptoms in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients with Machine Learning

Maria Xu

Senior CategoryUniversity of Toronto Schools

Gold Medal

Harnessing Nanotechnolgy in Biomass and Carboxyl Grouping for Water Remediation

Sarah Syed

Senior CategoryNile Academy

Silver Medal

Collision Avoiding and Concussion Identifying Bicycle Helmet

Kaan Bektas

Junior Category R.J. Lang Elementary and Middle School

Bronze Medal

Lost in Translation

Param Dixit

Junior CategoryChurchill Heights Public School

Bronze Medal

Using Regression Learning to Predict Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes

Ishan Gehlaut

Intermediate CategoryMartingrove C.I.

Bronze Medal

Soil TO: Using Statistical Analysis to Determine How Race and Income Affect Toronto’s Soil

Grace Ko

Intermediate CategoryUniversity of Toronto Schools

Bronze Medal

Kyokukey: Wearable Input Device Using Conductive Threads

Ken Shibata

Intermediate CategoryWilliam Lyon Mackenzie C.I.

Bronze Medal

A Model for Medical Diagnosis Using Conductive Threads

Alan Van

Intermediate CategoryUpper Canada College

Bronze Medal

Parkinson’s Spoon

Elsa Bienenstock and Alex Alam

Senior CategoryDanforth C.I.

Bronze Medal

Inducement of Autoimmune Disease from Lead Exposure and Prevention Using Fermented Food Bacteria

Kristin Cho

Senior Category • Havergal College

Bronze Medal

Eye Spy: A Novel Way to Predict and Detect Alzheimer’s Disease

Seungmyoung Lee and Amnya Ismail

Senior CategoryBranksome Hall

Bronze Medal