Project Information

Grade 5-12 Projects

Projects by students in Grades 5 through 12 are classified in three ways : Project Type, Project Category and Project  Challenge. See below for details.

Project Type

Students will be asked to identify their project type as either “Discovery” or “Innovation” for the purpose of evaluating the scientific thought portion of the judging. 

Project Grade Categories

Grade 5-12 projects are classified by grade to inform the judges of the level of background expertise the student might reasonably be expected to have acquired in his/her schooling; however, students who prepare top quality projects often dramatically exceed the expectations of their school grade curriculum. Sci-Tech projects are an ideal opportunity for a student to demonstrate achievement at Level 4 in the Ontario Curriculum.

Toronto Science Fair is committed to recognizing excellence in project-based science and sending Toronto's best grade 7-12 to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. 

TSF categories are:

Canada-Wide Science Fair categories are:


Projects will be divided into the following challenges:

Tips for Success

How to Make your Project the Best it Can Be  (PDF Format)