Tips on Making a One-Minute Video

Tips on Making a One-Minute Video

In recent years, it seems that more and more people are proficient at making short videos using their phones. If this is a novel experience for you, the following tips may be helpful. There are a variety of different filming possibilities including cell phone, laptop computer, and recorded power point / google slide presentation. Choose the method that makes the most sense for your circumstances. The important thing is for the students to do an experiment and make a record of their findings.

  • While doing the investigation/experiment, take short video shots of various aspects. This will give an idea of what things look like and how long they take to film. Take note of successful shots that you will want to recreate.

  • Plan how you will keep faces out of the video. (i.e. show hands only manipulating apparatus)

  • Do practice videos on any topic – one minute in length -to give an idea of how long you have

  • Practice narration and play it back. Does it sound too fast or too slow?

  • Think in terms of a Beginning, a Middle and an End to your video.

      • Beginning: Image of experiment set up – voice over “What is being investigated?

      • Middle: Shots of experiment action showing any data needed

      • End: What it all means. What was discovered.

  • Involve the students in every aspect of the production from experimental design to final conclusions.

  • Have fun doing science.

  • If any student faces appear in the video, ensure that parents have given written consent.