Rules and Regulations

Who Can Participate?    

The TSF is open to all Grade 5 -12 students attending a TDSB or TCDSB school, private school, or home-school provided that the school is located in Toronto (determined by the postal code – it must begin with the letter ‘M’). Home-schooled students must be residents of Toronto. Students resident in Toronto, but attending schools outside Toronto are not eligible to participate, and should contact their regional science fair organization outside Toronto.

For Grades 5-12 projects

School Quotas

Per-School Project Quotas  

Type of school Limits on project numbers

School offering grades 9-12 8 projects across all campuses

School offering grades K-12 8 projects across all campuses

School offering only grades 7-8 8 projects

School offering grades K-8 8 projects, (we suggest 4 from Gr.5 and 6 and 4 from Gr. 7 and 8)

School offering only grades K-6 4 projects - from Grades 5 and 6

Project Display


Projects must fit on a table measuring 30 inches wide x 24 inches deep.  We will require that students use a smaller display board for their projects than in past years. Smaller boards can easily be obtained at Staples (36 tall) and Dollarama (27 inches tall).  The height is up to the exhibitor.  It must be a free-standing, stable board. 

What else can you display?

You will have a space on the table in front of your backboard. Use it to advantage to help you explain your project. A project always looks more interesting if there is something on the table for people to look at. Here are some items that could be included.

For more advice on how to display your project information effectively, take a look at the PowerPoint,

“Preparing a Science Fair Project”, which is under Resources.


Students are encouraged to consult their teachers about safe practices while conducting experiments and scientific investigations.


If you are working with animals or using human subjects in any way, rules regarding ethics do apply.    See the detailed information in the section on Ethics.  Students working with live subjects will need to upload the appropriate forms as part of their registration in the virtual Toronto Science Fair.