Registration for Grade 5 - 12 Projects is a two step process.

STEP 1: School Registration (Open January 9 - March 1, 2023)**

Each school should identify ONE contact teacher.  That teacher should go to our website and register their school using the google form found on our registration page. This form indicates that you intend to send students to participate in this year’s TSF.  Please help TSF plan the 2023 fair by completing this form as soon as you can, by February 15th if at all possible. We will ask you to estimate the number of projects that you are sending to the fair. 

A link to a project registration form will be sent to each contact teacher, by March 1.  Teachers are asked to pass along this link to the students that have been selected to attend TSF 2023.

STEP 2: Project Registration (Open February 15 - March 8)

Students receive a link to the Project Registration form from their teacher.  Students must complete and submit this form by March 8, 2023.  If there are two students working on a single project, only one student needs to complete this form.

** For Home-schooled students: - please complete the School Registration form using a parent/guardian as the teacher contact.

** For Independent entries: - An independent entry is one in which the student is attending a public or private school, but that school is not sending any projects to the Toronto Science Fair.  If that is the case, the student should try to find a teacher, who would act as a contact.  That teacher would submit the School Registration form and pass along the project registration form link to the student.  If this is not possible, please contact us at

All Students will need to Complete Consent form and bring it to the registration desk on the day of the fair.

If applicable, students need to complete an Ethics form and bring it to the registration desk on the day of the fair.

Toronto Science Fair 2023 Project Registration

January 9 - March 1, 2023

Registration is now closed

Please NOTE:  Along with personal information, students will be asked to supply us with a project title and a maximum 150 word summary of their project on the project registration form.  The link to this form will be given to the student by their contact teacher.