Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded to top projects in Each Division: Junior (Grade 7-8 projects), Intermediate (Grade 9-10 projects) and Senior (Grade 11-12)

All K-6 students will receive a participation medal.

Special Awards

A variety of special awards is presented for exceptional work in a variety of scientific disciplines. The following awards are available to be presented at the fair:

University of Toronto Department of Earth Sciences Mathew Shawn McConville Award

A $500.00 award will be given to the best project in Earth Sciences. This broad field includes studies of the atmosphere, weather and climate, the oceans, the solid Earth, natural resources, fossils and Earth history, environmental geoscience and environmental change, global ecology, planetary science, remote sensing, and chemical and physical processes linking the atmosphere, the solid Earth and the biosphere.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Award

This prize will be given to a project of exceptional merit dealing with astronomy or space/physics engineering. This prize has a value of $100.00, membership to the RASC, and a subscription to all newsletters and publications.

Sigma Xi Toronto Science Fair Award

An award will be given to a project of exceptional merit. The award has a value of $150.00 Two awards will be presented.

Design for Innovation Award

This award will be given to a project that demonstrates a unique perspective in the technology and engineering field. The prize is sponsored by Charles Lee and carries a $100.00 value.

University of Toronto Scarborough Chemistry Society Award

This award will be given to projects that demonstrate an outstanding application of chemistry/chemical technology to a problem relevant to society. Three awards will be given. One with the value of $50.00 and the other two $25.00 value each.

UTSC Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences Award

TA $200.00 award will be given to the best project in chemistry, environmental science and physics.

The University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

A $1000.00 admission scholarship (Faculties of Engineering and Health Sciences) will be awarded to a top senior project. In case of a group project each student will receive a $500.00 project. The intent of this award is to encourage the winner or winners to pursue university studies in health, sciences or technology.

The Charles Dyer UTSC Entrance Award

The University of Toronto Scarborough [UTSC] will award a $2,500 entrance scholarship to the student with the top senior project. Admission and registration in a UTSC degree program is required by 2019 Fall and the recipient must meet the admission requirements of the program of choice. In the case of a two-person project, each student will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship.

Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) Award

Must demonstrate exceptional research, knowledge and scientific thought on a water environmental related topic (i.e., water treatment, stormwater management,water pollution, constructed wetlands,properties of water, water environment, etc.) This award has a value of $150.00.

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Award

This prize will be given to the best project in Meteorological and Oceanographic Sciences. This includes projects in weather, air quality, climate, climate change and the oceans. The winner will receive $150.00. A second place prize of $75 will also be awarded. The winning students will receive free membership to CMOS for 1 year.

Canada Wide Science Fair Travel Awards

A group of students is chosen to represent Toronto at the Canada Wide Science Fair, held in May at different locations across Canada each year. "Team Toronto" is chosen from the Gold Medal winners in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions.