Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded to top projects in Each Division: Junior (Grade 7-8 projects), Intermediate (Grade 9-10 projects) and Senior (Grade 11-12)

Special Awards

A variety of special awards are presented for exceptional work in a variety of scientific disciplines. The following awards were presented at TSF 2023.  It is expected that most of these awards will continue to be presented in 2024.  A final list will be confirmed by February 1, 2024.

Canada Wide Science Fair Finalist Awards

A group of students is chosen to represent Toronto at the Canada Wide Science Fair held in May each year.  These students represent Team Toronto.  Registration fees for the Canada Wide Science Fair is paid by Toronto Science Fair through the generous support of our sponsors.  “Team Toronto” will be chosen from the Gold Medal winners in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions.

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Award

This prize will be given to the best projects in Meteorological and Oceanographic Sciences. This includes projects in weather, air quality, climate, climate change and the oceans. The winner will receive $150.00. A second place prize of $75 will also be awarded. The winning students will receive free membership to CMOS for 1 year.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Award

This prize will be given to a project of exceptional merit dealing with astronomy or space/physics engineering. This prize has a value of $100.00 for each of up to two winners, membership to the RASC, and a subscription to all newsletters and publications. 

Sanofi Biogenius Canada Award

This award will be given to an outstanding project by students in Grades 7-12 related to biotechnology, the use of biological systems to produce goods and services, or life sciences.  A cash award of $100 (shared between partners) and certificates will be given.

The Charles Dyer UTSC Entrance Award

The University of Toronto Scarborough [UTSC] will award a $2,500 entrance scholarship to the student with the top senior project. Admission and registration in a UTSC degree program is required by 2023 Fall and the recipient must meet the admission requirements of the program of choice. In the case of a two-person project, each student will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship.

The Charles Lee Design for Innovation Award 

This award will be given to a project that demonstrates a unique perspective in the technology, engineering and AI.  This award is open to students in Grades 11 and 12.  Two awards of $100.00 each will be given.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Canada Education Foundation (SPECEF) Award for Engineering Excellence in Energy

This award of $100.00 is for the best project to demonstrate the application of the scientific method to devise a solution to an energy-related problem (petroleum, solar, wind, nuclear, etc).  Ideally, this project will also include consideration of the external factors of practicality, safety and cost.  This award is open to students in Grades 9 – 12.  SPECEF will also offer the winner’s school $250.00 for the purchase of energy related materials.

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Toronto Section Awards

These awards will be given to the best three projects showing principles of tribology, effects of friction and possible ways to improve friction wear and lubrication for global benefits. 1st Place – Certificate and $200.00; 2nd Place – Certificate and $100.00; 3rd  place – Certificate and $50.00. Tribology is a branch of mechanical engineering and materials science which is generally all about perfecting motion and studying the effects of friction between surfaces in motion.  Applicable projects could include studies of surface tension, the effects of temperature on viscosity, studies of the best household items for lubricating surfaces, experiments to show ways to reduce friction and conserve energy.

The University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

A $1000.00 admission scholarship (Faculties of Engineering and Health Sciences) will be awarded to a top senior project. In case of a group project each student will receive a $500.00 scholarship. The intent of this award is to encourage the winner or winners to pursue university studies in health, sciences or technology.

The Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) Award

A prize of $150.00 will be awarded to a project focused on innovative ideas for preserving and/or enhancing the water environment.  This prize will be given to a top project in any category related to one or more of the following subject areas:  water and wastewater treatment, stormwater management, biosolids energy and resource recovery, water reuse/ grey water systems, constructed wetlands, properties of water. Water is our most valuable resource, that requires on-going efforts to manage it in the most responsible and sustainable manner.

U of T Chapter of Sigma Xi Award

An award will be given to a project of exceptional merit. The award has a value of $150.00. Two awards will be presented.

University of Toronto Department of Earth Sciences Mathew Shawn McConville Award

A $500.00 award will be given to the best projects in Earth Sciences. This broad field includes studies of the atmosphere, weather and climate, the oceans, the solid Earth, natural resources, fossils and Earth history, environmental geoscience and environmental change, global ecology, planetary science, remote sensing, and chemical and physical processes linking the atmosphere, the solid Earth and the biosphere. 

University of Toronto Scarborough Chemistry Society Award

This award will be given to projects that demonstrate an outstanding application of chemistry/chemical technology to a problem relevant to society. Three awards will be given. One with the value of $50.00 and the other two $25.00 value each. 

UTSC Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences Award

A $200.00 award will be given to the best project in each of chemistry, environmental science and physics.

Young Scientist Award

This award will be given to an outstanding project in any science discipline.  The winner will receive $100.00.

DMZ Basecamp Award

This award is a guaranteed interview for admission to the Basecamp program in the summer of 2023.  Upon a successful interview, the student (or students in the event of a partnership) will be admitted into the Basecamp program.  DMZ Basecamp is an 8 week intensive student incubation program that helps young entrepreneurs create tech solutions to growing social or economic gaps in society.  At Basecamp, students tap into their potential and learn how to develop and market business ideas with the help of other young

Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists Award

The OACETT Toronto Central Chapter award provides a $100 award to two projects that best demonstrate applied science and/or engineering technology.

Kirkor Architects Award

This Award of $500.00 is for the project which best illustrates sustainable architecture, design and building practices.  The means and methods of achieving greater sustainability, specifically materials and/or processes which realize low-carbon solutions and durability, should be the focus of the project.