Presentations at the Fair

Presentations at the Fair

No participant is allowed to wear school uniform, or to otherwise overtly identify the school which they attend. A violation of this policy could result in disqualification.

All exhibits, including all accessories, must be confined to a table or floor space not to exceed 0.8 metres, front to back; 1.2 metres side to side; and 3.5 metres maximum height from the floor.

  • No chemicals, organic materials or living organisms (including plants) may be displayed the day of the fair. We encourage students to take photographs if any of these were used in the project.

  • Exhibits must be sturdy with moving parts firmly attached and approved for safety. Each exhibit must be self-supporting. Electricity (AC 110 volt 60 cycle) will be supplied on request, but no gas or water outlets will be provided. Switches and cords must be of the approved variety and circuits must be protected by fuses. Cell or battery-fed circuits should be both safe in design and operation.

  • All sharp edges or corners on prisms, mirrors, enclosures, and glass and metal plates must be removed or otherwise protected. The length of hoses or extension cords is to be kept to a minimum and out of the way to eliminate tripping hazards. Use tape for securing.

  • Aisles and exits should not be obstructed.

  • Moving exhibits (e.g., radio-controlled vehicles, robots) should be restricted to the regulation display space. The committee will endeavour to provide an area to safely demonstrate to judges projects that require more space than the regulated exhibit display space.