Who Can Participate?

Participants must live in the City of Toronto or attend and represent a school in the City of Toronto (with postal codes beginning with the letter 'M'). Students living outside Toronto should contact their local regional science fair organization.

For grades 7-12, projects

    1. Maximum of two students per project. A project that has been the work of more than two students will be disqualified.

    2. The project shall be entered in the division of the oldest member of the group.

    3. For two student projects both participants must be present. If either participant is not present during the fair, the project will not be eligible for any awards.

For Kindergarten-Grade 6 projects

    1. Projects of more than two students are acceptable (e.g. class projects are permitted).

    2. However, only a maximum of two students may represent the project at the fair.

Students may not enter identical projects in multiple years.