Schedule, Maps, Parking

Parking Instructions

Friday, April 3, 2020:

  • 6:30pm to 8:00pm - Grade 7-12 Participant Registration and set-up

  • To drop off participants and exhibits, please enter by the Scarborough Circle and follow the one way loop. There is NO PARKING in this area but students can be dropped off to enter Highland Hall by the north door. Paid parking is available in Lot G, just off Military Trail north of Ellesmere.

  • Participants can also enter Highland Hall through the south door near the bus loop. Enter at the driveway into Lot A. Limited paid parking is available here.

Saturday, April 4, 2020:

  • Grades 7 - 12 Participants and Judge Volunteers:

  • Parking is available at the Visitor Parking Lots F and G (refer to maps). At the Visitor Parking Lot F, you can use pay-and-display machines. At the Visitor Parking Lot G, get a ticket from the machine on the way in and pay on the way out at the payment machine, located by the Instructional Centre Building, which is the glass building directly across the street from the parking lot. The flat rate on the outer lots is $3.00 and on the inner lots is $5.00.

  • Judges should proceed to Parking Lot G and take the ticket obtained at the gate with them.

Grades K-6 Participants:

  • To drop-off participants and exhibits use either the north or south door of Highland Hall.

  • North Door: Enter by the Scarborough Circle and follow the one way loop. There is NO PARKING in this area. After students have been dropped off, parking is available in Lot G.

  • South Door: Enter by the driveway leading to Lot A. Paid parking is available here. Walk towards the bus loop. Highland Hall is immediately behind the bus loop.

TTC Instructions

From Kennedy Subway station:

  • Take the SRT (Scarborough Rapid Transit) to Scarborough Town Centre station (go up three levels from the Subway level to the SRT level).

  • At the Scarborough Town Centre Station take the 38 or 38 A bus (Highland Creek to Rouge Hill/UofT Scarborough). The bus will take you to the University of Toronto Scarborough stop (go down two levels from the SRT to the bus platforms).

From York Mills Subway station:

  • Take the 95 (York Mills) bus Eastbound (can be 95, 95B or 95E) to Ellesmere at Military Trail or to the UofT Scarborough Loop.