Welcome, teachers and educators. Thank you for supporting your student through this exciting experience.

This section is designed to assist you in understanding the Toronto Science Fair (TSF) rules and eligibility requirements, and to provide resources to help your students design, carry out and present a successful science fair project.

We encourage all students to pursue science and learn more about the world around them through science discovery.

Your responsibilities are to:

  1. Support your students' progress by:

    • introducing the the Science Fair process well in advance of deadlines - each step of the process will probably take more time than expected.

    • ensuring the project is conducted safely and according to the TSF Safety guidelines. Please review the rules and regulations; specifically, note that students may not bring food or plants to the Science Fair and they must have permission forms for projects involving human participation.

  2. Ensure that you have reviewed this year's dates; specifically that you have pre-registered for passwords and have provided these passwords to your students before the registration deadline.

  3. Become familiar with all parts of this website including schedules and due dates, school quotas, rules and regulations, safety, mandatory forms and pre-registration and registration rules.

The following is a brief list of resources that may help you as you guide your child through this journey:

Teacher's Guide Presentations: These are presentations to prepare teachers in organizing local science fairs and in supporting the students with their projects for the Toronto Science Fair.

Youth Science Foundation: Smarter Science is part of Youth Science Canada's program for engaging youth in science and providing a curricular connection to project-based science and science fairs. This site provides many excellent links for all ages that can help your child plan, carry out and present a successful Science Fair project.

Science Fair Central from Discovery Education offers free resources ranging from getting started to presenting final projects. There is also a very good guide for parents.